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We endeavor to preserve and promote indigenous talents and provide a
sustainable livelihood for tribal & rural artisans

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Mrs. Shivamma

Almost all of the women working with CountryCraft feel a need for the brand in their life as much as the brand itself needs them” Says Mrs Shivamma who has been working as a quality check in charge.

Shivamma ensures that every product that comes out of the delivery centre is of excellent quality. She says, “Quality is of utmost importance at CountryCraft…

Sri Ashok Biswas

My artisans are delighted to be associated with CountryCraft because of the fair-trade practices they follow. CountryCraft also provides advance turnaround time, timely payments and constant flow of work order, all these desist them from searching for menial jobs thus helping in preserving the Tikuli craft”, says Sri Ashok Biswas, a national awardee for Tikuli art…

Sri Paritosh Bhaskar

Paritosh Bhaskar is one of the Master craftsmen provides their master piece wooden crafts to CountryCraft and has been associated with the handicrafts project for the last 20 years. Managing a group of 5 artisans, he specializes in wood cutting and designing color patterns. CountryCraft has helped him become monetarily independent while also helping them develop their individual skills…

Mrs. Shefali Naskar

Mrs. Shefali Naskar, a master craftswoman makes Jute craft products and exclusively provides to CountryCraft. She says, “Earlier the jute craft order flows were very erratic leading to opt for other menial chores, once the CountryCraft stepped in, the work order flow became constant and I am able to sustain my family and other artisans as well”.
Shefali employs other neighboring woman artisans to fulfil the work orders. She samples the jute craft designs for CountryCraft and also empowers many more women who work on jute craft…

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Vintage Craft

We are a social enterprise working across India with a mission to foster inclusive and sustainable development using culture-based approaches.​enterprise working across India with a mission to foster inclusive and sustainable development using culture-based approaches…