We are a handicrafts company based in Bengaluru, India

About us

Why Countrycraft?

In an age of mass-produced products, it is rewarding to craft, a work of personal expression made from natural material.

Our Vision

The vision of CountryCraft is to Revive, Preserve, and Promote the depleting arts & craft skills “for-Profit” Social Venture.

Our Mission

CountryCraft strives to bring the traditions of India to customers all around the world with its unique creations and products.

CountryCraft is a social enterprise working across India with a mission to foster inclusive and Sustainable Development using culture-based approaches.

How we work!

We identify village clusters which possess a specific craft skill that is depleting and artisans are forced to migrate leaving behind their age-old skills. Help them document the knowledge/skills including its origin, how to make, skills required, source of materials etc., so that the skill is documented & preserved for generations to come.

Endeavouring to create Self-Help Groups in village clusters to help the artisans to develop community living and provide protection from exploitation. To create an impact on the society as a whole by means of employment opportunity using craft as a tool, this will help avoid the search for menial/casual jobs elsewhere leaving their inherent artistic skills.

Our Partners

At CountryCraft, we strategically partner with stores, cafes, resorts/hotel chains, spiritual centres who are aligned with our vision in empowering artisans and placing culture at the heart of their business operations.

“Handicrafts are the perfect reflection of India’s diverse culture and rich heritage.”

– CountryCraft

Our Growth