JagannathPrabhu Temple Miniature

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Jagannatha Prabhu, the revered form of Lord Krishna worshipped in Puri, Orissa, is a significant deity symbolizing universal harmony and spiritual devotion. The iconic triad of Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra represents familial love and divine grace, revered not only in Odisha but also across India and among devotees worldwide.
Crafted with meticulous detail and painted using local dharmic folk art techniques, this miniature temple serves as more than just a decorative piece—it embodies centuries of cultural heritage and spiritual significance. Each stroke and carving pays homage to the artistic traditions of Odisha, capturing the essence of devotion and tradition in every detail. Displaying this miniature temple in your home or gifting it to others brings a piece of Puri’s sacred atmosphere and profound spiritual symbolism into everyday life, fostering a deeper connection to the divine and the cultural richness of India.

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