Hand Painting Canvas (Framed)

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Bhil art is a tribal art of the Bhil tribe in Central India. Bhil paintings convey the stories of their ancestry, traced back to Eklavya, a great archer during the time of Mahabharata as well as tales of everyday life.

Traditionally, the art of the Bhil folk would adorn the clay walls of their village homes. Beautiful images would be painted with natural dyes using neem sticks and other twigs. Turmeric, flour, vegetables, leaves and oil were used to derive brilliant colours to make fascinating frescoes on floors and walls, in a language created by the Bhils, to convey their experiences. The work of every Bhil artist is unique, and the dot patterns can be counted as the artist’s signature style.

These paintings are designed by recognised artist Smt Jyoti Baria. The framed artwork is a masterpiece and a perfect home decor and souvenir

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